We have in person and online worship experiences each Sunday at 9:30 am and 11 am. Try us out in person or  experience worship here on the website or Facebook!  


Let’s continue to seek and put God first in our lives and give God thanks and praise – keeping the main thing, the main thing.


Yours in Christ,

Bob Feist



Adult Small Groups

Christ Church has several adult small groups / classes that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am & 10:45 am

We also have adult small groups that meet in person or online at various times during the week as well. Check the newsletter for most recent class offerings.


Contact Rev Jim Stilwell for more information.



9:30 am classes

Genesis (Rm. 232) – A class for married couples (40s-60s) with or without children. Teaching material includes the Bible, study guides and personal experiences. Emphasis is on helping couples and families strengthen relationships, using Bible references for practical answers. Led by various teachers in the class. Class has many social activities throughout the year.


Hope Through Christ (Rm. 163) – This  class is for adult singles and couples. Emphasis is on building a relationship with God and missions outside the walls!  Facilitated by Lisa Bennett.


Living Out Your Faith (Rm. 167) – This class studies the Bible verse by verse.  Led by various members of the class, all are welcome!


TLC Together Loving Christ (Rm. 132) – This large Bible based class has a wide range of married couples and singles that enjoy discussion of the Bible and current Christian studies. Members are very involved in the life of the church, and have monthly fellowship activities. Class is taught by members.


Two By Two (Rm. 136) – This Bible-based class is for committed couples and marrieds of all ages, creating a bridge from singles to being a couple. Facilitated by various class members.


Spirit – Soul – Body (Rm. 122) –This class studies the Word of God and its practical application to our lives today.  Taught by Judy Parker.


The Upper Room (Rm. 236) – This  group of singles and married couples welcomes persons of any age. They meet in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss how they see and feel God in everyday life. Led by Matt and Phyllis Calderwood.



10:45 am classes 

Gather in Christ (Rm. 210) – A class for both singles and couples striving to better equip themselves with the tools to build a rich and fulfilling life. Many fellowship activities.


Good News (Rm. 120) – This class is for marrieds and singles of all ages. They study books written by contemporary Bible based authors. The class is led by Dr. Doug Pray and is a missions centered class. Come and join them for study and discussion.


Lifters (Rm. 232) – A dynamic interactive “lecture/discussion” fun class for marrieds and singles led by Bob Branson. The Journey Through the Bible format focuses thinking outside the box. Emphasis is on learning the Bible. The class uses a study guide or other Methodist and Cokesbury material. The class has many exciting outside social activities throughout the year.


Living Word (Rm. 234) – A class for adults of all ages interested in extensive Bible teaching. Taught by Dr. Mansfield, the class has many fellowship activities and service projects.


Open Door (Rm. 236) – This class of caring adults of various ages uses the Cokesbury Quarterly Bible Study. Various class members teach the class using a discussion format. The Open Door class also has many fellowship activities and mission projects.


Soul Seekers (Rm. 162) – One of the newer adult Sunday School classes at CUMC. It is a very diversified class made up of young and older adults, single and married. Our common interest is seeking to learn more about Christianity, Methodism, and how to deepen our faith.


Unity (Rm. 136) – You’ll feel welcome in this spirit-filled Bible study of married couples and singles united in their purpose to grow in Christian love and service. While the class is taught by class members and special guests, we learn from all our class members who teach through interaction, personal testimony and example. You’ll feel at home during fellowship activities for men, women and couples.



Classic Worship

Christ Church has a worship service each Sunday at 9:30 am, led by Larry Downey and the CUMC Chancel Choir.


Chancel Choir

Chancel choir meets Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm for weekly rehearsal. They sing every Sunday morning in the Classic worship service at 9:30 am. The choir also annual performs in special programs at Easter, Independence Day, and Christmas.



Contact Larry Downey at 918-747-8601 for information about joining the Chancel choir.



Modern Worship

Christ Church has a worship service each Sunday at 11:00 am.


Modern Worship Team

The worship team uses a blend of music and drama to provide an exciting and uplifting service in a casual setting every Sunday morning at Christ Church.



Contact Larry Downey at 918-747-8601 for information about joining the the group.



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